Building sustainability against Online Propaganda of Extremism and Terrorism

Teaching young people safe behavior on the Internet, ensuring the youth’s sustainability against online propaganda and violent extremism, ensuring youth’s safety, promoting responsible and safe behavior on the Internet.

Whom does it fit/suit?

For old people

С недавних пор в интернете и не знаете как себя обезопасить? Мы научим!

For foreigners

Не знаете как обезопасить себя от экстремизных лозунгов и террористических организаций?

Students/School boys and girls

Мы обучим вас как правильно обходить пропагандискую информацию и обезопасим!

About US

The Public Fund “Civil Initiatives for Internet Policies” (GIIP) is a non-governmental organization registered in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2001. The main mission of the GIIP is to stimulate legislative and regulatory reforms of ICT policies that provide transparent and predictable regulation, the presence of competition, and free access of citizens to telecommunication services and information resources. 

Leader in the field of standard-setting in the field of regulation of information technologies and communications in the Kyrgyz Republic.  
GIIP is one of the most advanced expert organizations in the Kyrgyz Republic and the CIS, providing legal services in the field of innovation, implementation of digital technologies, digital transformation, focused on the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the legal sphere. 

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